Journal | Coping with COVID-19

vacation canceled from covid-19

I still can’t believe that this was my first and last trip to the beach for summer 2020.

I remember being stoked about going to Jomalig because it’s something I’ve been planning to do but had been putting off for the longest time since the travel was tedious and I had no one to go with.

When we got there, I thought I’d never seen an island more beautiful and calm, making the almost 6-hour boat ride worth it. I was also hopeful that it will be the first of my many local trips for the rest of the year.

Little did I know the entire world would get seriously and irreversibly fucked in less than 2 weeks after capturing these photos.

Fast forward to today, with me barely keeping my head above water as I battle through my constant anxiety and panic attacks, I’m finally beginning to accept circumstances I have no control.

Some of the things I did at home to alleviate my emotions were reading books, painting, taking long cold showers, body workout, constantly writing on my journal, listening to music, watching good films, lessen the use of social media sites, and even randomly putting on make-up and dressing up. Though I admit despite all that I still get very upset and frustrated. And it’s not only me. Most of us are having a hard time adjusting to the “new normal”, as what they now say. The pandemic not only affects physical but also our mental health.

But at the end of the day, through the fall we find ourselves standing firm on our ground no matter how hard it takes for us to pull ourselves up. I pen these words not only to cast hope on the uncertainty of the coming months, but also to remind myself (and anyone who needs it) that regardless of how murky the waters could be, it will get better one day—as it always does.

Take care and see you all when all this is over 😊



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