Help! Got Some Words?

a set of writing materials on a table

Hello, beautiful creature of the universe!

Yes, that’s you. In case no one told you today: you’re important, you matter, your feelings are valid, and most importantly you’re beautiful inside out!

There’s lots of enthusiasm going on in this post and it sounds as if I chugged a liter of coffee, but this is not going to take long so please bear with me!

Lately, I’ve been finding myself fueled with some inspiration to create. I’m longing to feel the exhilarating fulfillment you only get once you’re successful finishing the greatest piece of art you thought you’ve ever created.

I’m thinking of doing a month-long project this October. With that, I’m going to be needing your help. Not about my depression this time (thankfully) but about writing prompts!

I decided I’m going to call this project Promptober. Hah! πŸ˜„ Probably not the most original word ever. I didn’t run a search so I’m not sure if this term has been used before. But anyway…

How does it work?

I kindly need you to give me a set of three random words (ie. photograph, knife, werewolves), whatever it is that you can possibly think of (in English or Filipino). With those sets of words, I’m going to write a poem. And when I post it, I will link it back to your website, many thanks for your contribution! Hopefully, by doing so we can all have fun interacting with one another and meet new bloggers. If you want, you may also write a poem according to prompts provided by other people! Send in as much set of words as you like. I’ll be doing this project for the whole month of October so I’ll have a lot of days to fill in.

That’s it. Just three random words. Drop them in the comments section below and let’s get these creative juices flowing.

Have a great day!
D. ❀️

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28 thoughts on “Help! Got Some Words?

    1. Danica Aquino says:

      Glad to have you on board, Desiree! Would you like to chip in some words? There are a couple of sets suggested already in the comments section. You can check them out and write your own spin with the prompts! Let me know how it goes πŸ™‚

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