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poetry promptober from within

You stood at the edge of the cliff
waiting for the ocean to show its face
but it didn’t,

The waves only crashed themselves
an obscure foam of saltwater
against the sharp-edged rocks beneath your naked feet;

You turned your face against the wind,
as it blew through your hair
you forced it to whisper to you
the words you’re dying to hear,

But it’s just the wind,
it doesn’t speak;

Along the shore,
the tides rise and fall,

Far off the horizon
the sun radiates its final bow;

What a beauty to the seeing eyes, you thought,
but that’s all they were,
a thing of inexplicable wonders,
an entirely different entity,
both living and lifeless,
separate from your own reality;

You may run to them, dear child
like a friend with all ears to listen
when your eyes are muddied with tears, but
they can’t be forced
to provide for your own healing,

Not ’til you find it in yourself,
Not ’til you find it
from within.


I used to find myself running to nature like a child running back home defeated from the playground. If I had an exhausting month at work, I only need to pack my things and go on a short holiday to the beach over the weekend. I do this all the time only to go back home completely exhausted as I was before. Not because the holidays at the beach weren’t fulfilling and relaxing. It was because I always counted on these vacations to fix whatever’s wrong in me when I should be the one fixing myself.

Yes, we can find in nature the much-needed relief from the endless hustle and noise of city life. But what else could sunsets and oceans do for our own well-being if we only use them as an escape route?

In this Promptober, I have been given the words Healing, Sun, and Ocean by She Writes. Lovely set of words! And immediately I knew what I would be writing about. I encourage you to head on over to her blog because she does a wonderful project writing her daily gratitude! Truly inspiring; one that we could all benefit from in these trying times, as I’ve also mentioned before in my journal ideas post.

What is Promptober?

Promptober is a month-long project I’ll be doing in this blog throughout October where I’ll be writing a piece of poetry from your writing prompts! Just send me a set of three random words (ie. knight, ukelele, magic) and from it, I will write a poem.

I also encourage you to check out a couple of already suggested words in this comment section and write your own version of poetry. When you do, don’t forget to link me to your blog post so I can reblog it.

What do you think? Are you in on the fun? Let’s take this opportunity to get our creative juices flowing!

Stay safe and have a lovely day,
D. ❤



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13 thoughts on “Promptober | From Within

  1. Rock Bollinger says:

    Gorgeous poetry! And I like your point about the folly of expecting something external to “fix” us. Going a step further, I now believe none of us need “fixing” at all… Learning to accept myself has yielded far better results for me. I look forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She Writes says:

    This is so beautiful 🥺 Nature can really gives us comfort and peace but healing always start within us. Thank you so much for this beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing us your words ✨💗

    Liked by 1 person

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