Promptober | Three Feet Tall

Perched up on the edge of my balcony,
Between the rails my feet hung loosely,
Back and forth, swinging to the rhythm,
The ones we know as your melody,

Its echoes drill holes in my hearing,
Salvaging whatever’s left in my memory,
And suddenly I was again no more than three feet tall,
Cradled in your frail but warm embrace by the first light of dawn,
In the courtyard where your florwerbeds thrive all season,

When I looked into your eyes,
Glittering against the soft light of morning,
The corners of your mouth slightly turned upwards,
Wrinkles nestled in your skin in spite of your ceaseless youthful grace,

I knew then,
Nothing will be the same when you no longer are,

And so now,
I look up at the deafening silence of the night,
The sky a sorrow drape of black,
They say that there will be falling stars,
So I whisper a futile wish,
Hoping for a gift when I too passed,

But until then, I will hold on,
Clinging to your ephemeral being,
Back to that first light of dawn.

Today’s Promptober is given to us by Jenn over at JuJuWho, with the words Stars, Wish, and Gift. Jenn pens beautiful poetry of love, one’s exploration of life’s meaning, and many more.

When I took note of the word prompts, I thought writing about it was going to be easy. It wasn’t. I wrote the first stanza not clearly knowing where I was headed to. I guess it was some sort of a writer’s block. But after wrestling with a few incoherent lines which didn’t make into the cut, and just when I was starting to become utterly frustrated, the words finally flowed their way in the poem like a magic (cliche, but yes, that’s exactly how it felt like).

At some point in our lives we would all go through the wreckage of a loved one’s passing. And so this piece attempts to explore grief in its least painful stage, when the pain didn’t touch our senses the way it used to on those first few days and months of mourning; but still we are burning with hope that someday when we die, by some stroke of cosmic force, we are bound to be together again once and for all.

What is Promptober?

Promptober is a month-long project I’ll be doing in this blog throughout October where I’ll be writing a piece of poetry from your writing prompts! Just send me a set of three random words (ie. knight, ukelele, magic) and from it, I will write a poem.

I also encourage you to check out a couple of already suggested words in this comment section and write your own version of poetry. When you do, don’t forget to link me to your blog post so I can reblog it.

What do you think? Are you in on the fun? Let’s take this opportunity to get our creative juices flowing!

Stay safe and have a lovely day,
D. ❤️

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